Volunteers and trustees

Volunteering with us is a great way to help our the community and get some experience working with us. We are always looking for more people to join the team!

We are currently looking for volunteers to support our programmes from September 2023.

Preference will be given to applicants who have worked with young people before but this is not essential.

The main qualities we require in a volunteer are a passion for the work, be able to operate effectively in a team and reliability.

Past Volunteers

20 years of volunteers

Have a look at some of our past volunteers and the work that they did at YourStory. We are extremely grateful to all of our previous and current volunteers. The work that we do to support young people would not be possible without them!

Why volunteer with us

build confidence

Through volunteering for us, you will increase your self confidence levels. You will be interacting with and communicating with a wide variety of different people, and so will need to develop the skills needed to be comfortable doing this.

build connections

We have high quality, engaging testimonials from individuals that we have worked with, demonstrating the effectiveness of the work that we do.

make an impact

We can help your charity / organisation to fulfil your objectives and goals. We are flexible in our ability to adapt to the individual needs of your organisation.

develop existing and new skills

We have successfully worked with many organisations in the past. We can therefore successfully create programmes / reports that will fulfil your needs.

give back to the community

We produce effective results time after time in helping young people to set and achieve their goals, and have the data to prove it, all of which is replicable. Have a look at some of our past programmes for further details.

meet people

Over the 18 years we have been running, we have been building a network of businesses, organisations and charities. By partnering with us, you can have a larger reach of helping individuals in need and create more effective programmes through working with our partner network.

Volunteering for us

Volunteer for us today! Make a difference in the lives of young people who truly need it. Our volunteers usually have another job outside of volunteering for us, so we are extremely flexible with hours. 

Recent Funders
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