Over the years we have been funded by many different organisations. Without this funding, we would have no finances in order to run our programmes and mentor vulnerable young people. We are extremely grateful to all past, present and future funders for their contributions.

Current partners:

We currently work with a variety of different organisations, companies and businesses who fund us, resulting in benefit not only for them but also for the young people part of their local community. We have recently collaborated with The National Lottery Foundation and The Walcot Foundation

As the nature of our work with young people relies upon continuous work with them in order to create a positive relationship based on trust, we often need to keep working with young people for longer than funding permits. 

We are always looking to collaborate with more funders so that we can extend the work that we do with young people, as we do not stop working with them until we feel that they do not need us anymore. 


See below for some of our current and recent funders, and some images from projects and programmes that they have funded to help make a difference in the lives of young people who need it.

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Why fund us:

improved reputation

Supporting and contributing to locally run programmes will make you look good in the eyes of the local public.

see where your money is going

Due to the nature of the programmes and workshops we run you will be able to see where your money has been spent.

improve your local environment

By funding us you will be improving your local area not just for the young people we work with but also for yourself and your employees.

good For business

Partnering / giving to charity helps to attract new clients, and to encourage current clients to spread the word about your business.

get a headstart

Other businesses / organisations look to work with and fund charities like us in order to better their reputation. Get a headstart by funding us before other companies similar to you also fund a charity.

fulfil your csr objectives

Funding / partnering with us will help you to hit your csr objectives in a trustworthy, successful and reputable way.

Recent Funders:
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