Areas we help with

There are a variety of different areas we help young people to develop and grow in through our mentoring. We support young people in their development for as long as they need it, and focus on areas that are unique to the young person’s needs and wants. 

areas we help young people with

There are many areas we help young people in, as well as supporting their parents through this process of development and change. Read below to find out a comprehensive list of the areas we help young people to develop skills and personal growth in. 

Primary areas

Confidence Building

One of our primary aims is to increase the level of confidence a young person has, particularly in their own skills and abilities.

Increasing Employability

We work on developing and improving skills that employers value, such as punctuality, literacy and numeracy skills, leadership and teamwork. We also assist in setting young people up with work experience.

Increasing Motivation

Another key area we work on with our young people is increasing their motivation to work hard to secure a bright future. We work on increasing their motivation to have a career in whatever industry they desire.

Prevent Reoffending

One of our most central primary aims is to decrease the amount of offending and reoffending in the young people we work with. We do this by helping individuals to reassess the choices they are making and the impacts of this.

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Secondary aims


One of our secondary aims is to improve our young people's communication skills. We ensure our young people understand the importance of listening as a part of communicating clearly with others.

Making better choices & decisions

We encourage our young people to assess their current decision making strategies, and what could be wrong with them. This is in order to guide them towards selecting the more logical and desirable options out there.

Antisocial behaviour

Another key are we work on with our young people is decreasing antisocial behaviour. We do this by encouraging young people to explore other ways of expressing themselves and different behaviours that are more prosocial.

To respect others and themselves

We aim to teach young people to value and respect not only themselves but also others around them, in particular authority figures and the law. We help them to develop this skill through the workshops we run.

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Further aims

Better family relationships

Another one of our aims is to improve family relationships, particularly those between parents / guardians and the young person. We do this through a combination of family support practice and private mentoring for the young person.

Improve school grades

Although we view improvements in mental health as being more important than grade improvements, we recognise the significance of school grades in relation positive futures of our young people. We help support young people to commit more to school work and show them the importance of it.

Improved mental health

Improving mental health in our young people is extremely important to us. We encourage young people to talk about their mental health freely with us, and refer them to external mental health services when necessary.

Increased self efficacy

We aim to increase the self efficacy of each of our young people in order to develop their self belief and independence.

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