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Becoming partners with us has many benefits for not only your role as parent and your child,  but also for our charity! We work with both you, your child and your families in order to help make positive changes in their lives. 

Current partners:

We currently work with the majority of the parents and families of of the young people that we work with. 

Since 2019 we have worked with and supported 60+ families and parents. We believe that in order for a young person to make positive changes in their lives, we have to work holistically and inclusively with their family as well. 

As parents / guardians spend the most time with young people outside of school, it is imperative that we all co-operate and communicate with each other to ensure that the young person’s best interests are always the focus of all work that we do. 


Parental Testimonials:

I’ve seen a tremendous change in him and I’m really happy. I’m really grateful to YourStory for assisting him through thick and thin. When everybody else lost hope in him YourStory kept coming.

Parental feedback

Parent of a young person we worked with

This parent feels that this session was great to attend, very understandable, they feel supported, has enjoyed the session, feels they have been heard. 

Parental feedback

From a parent who attended the Walcot Family Forum, as part of the Walcot Project

Our young people

These are some of the young people that we have worked with in the past. We worked alongside their parents / families to ensure that they were fully supported at all times. 

Why partner with us:

we are here to listen

We are here to listen, support, make a plan, but most importantly we are not here to judge. We know how hard things can be, and the difficulty you can have in bringing a child up and helping a child to achieve their potential. We are here to listen to your problems, understand your issues and help you find solutions.

you are safe

YourStory has been operating for 18 years, helping young people all over London. In that time, we have seen it all - and built up a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of help to young people in your child's situation.

we help you to help them

We want to work not only with your child, but also with you to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understanding, communicating and listening to each other. We not only help your child to find their way, but we also make sure that you have a role in it.

we are not authorities

As we are not the authorities nor do we work for them, you can rest assured that you can trust us and the work that we do, and not worry about actively engaging with us. We have a shared desire for your child to succeed and we support them with a non-judgemental attitude at all times. 

we understand individuals

We understand individual's needs and how these needs should be met. We have had mentors and staff in similar positions to the young people that we work with, so we understand and can relate to our young people.

We work with families

Working with the families of the young people we mentor is a big part of the work we do here at YourStory. We understand how it is important to ensure that families and young people have a reciprocal relationship based on communication, understanding and cooperation. We therefore help families and young people to listen to each other and appreciate all that they do for each other.

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