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Adrian Jones founded YourStory in 2003, using mentoring through sport to tackle underachievement and anti-social behaviour. Starting with just one person working with four boys from one school in Brixton, YourStory now has a number of mentors and trainers working with young people across London and the South East.

Our Objectives:

What we do:

It is important that we continuously listen to what our young people say, how they say it, and why they say what they say.

YourStory works with vulnerable young people in a holistic way to address the different needs and pressures they experience on a daily basis. We help equip them with the skills and confidence needed to take control of their lives, to explore opportunities presented to them and to do their best in life to achieve their full potential.

Our work develops

Through the use of

About what we do:

We aim to challenge, inspire and support the young people that we work with. We work with our young people to increase their confidence in asking for help when they don’t understand school work, identity, purpose in life, goals, part time jobs, developing hobbies, working out frustrations, personality tests / analysis, helping to turnaround negative attitudes and moods, body image problems, self esteem, anxiety management techniques and how to make friends.

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our History

Click here to visit our History page - learn about how the charity started, our past programmes and funders and the past activities we have done with young people!

Our staff

Click here to visit our Staff page - learn who the trustees, staff and volunteers are here at YourStory, with contact information for each staff member!

Our relevance

Click here to visit the Relevance of our work page - learn about why our work is relevant now more than ever, and how we are unique and different to other charities!

Our objectives

Click here to visit our Objectives page - learn about our goals, values, vision and mission in order to understand the driving forces behind the charity!

our finances

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