Current & future Programmes

Each of our programmes is primarily designed to work with young people, identifying their requirements in order to move them forward to become active citizens within their community. Our programmes are beneficiary led, interactive and explore thought processes towards choices they make.

Current Programmes

Impact on Urban Health Programme

We are currently partnered with Impact on Urban Health charity to run an exciting new programme. 

We are offering one to one mentoring and support for young people in primary and secondary schools who have health conditions or have parents / significant family members living with health conditions. We are currently working with 20 young people and their families.

The programme is funded by Impact on Urban Health. 

Walcot Programme - Living with Long Term Health Conditions

This two-year programme involves mentoring young people
(aged 9 – 15) in Lambeth living with Long Term Health Conditions and supporting
their family members who may also have significant health conditions impacting
on their children.

Mentoring is one to one with a YourStory mentor in school
over a 16-week period. Primary and secondary schools in Lambeth are taking part
in the programme.

Family sessions are weekly with a YourStory Family Practitioner.

 The programme is funded by the Walcot Foundation and is due to run until 2024.

Court Ordered Mentoring

We will be working with young people who have court orders, are waiting for sentencing or are due to have court appearances in order to prevent reoffending. Up to 24 young people aged between 12-18 will be part of this programme, who would be seen between 3x a week and daily depending on the risk of the individual reoffending.

The mentoring will be one-to-one, and carried out over a period of 6 to 9 months. We aim to help the young people to change their pattern of offending behaviour so that they can have a brighter future. 

The programme is currently funded by the Worshipful Company of Weavers Foundation, and it will start in late 2021. 

Accredited mentoring

The Accredited Mentoring project will involve running a course for over 18 year olds to become accredited mentors, who can then begin to mentor some of the young people that we work with. 

We are hoping to, alongside this, increase employability through developing key skills such as patience, communication and decision making. We will be partnering with local colleges in order to ensure that their young people get access to this amazing opportunity. 

The project is due to be funded soon, and it will start in late 2021. 

The GIRLs Programme

The GIRLs Programme will be a series of risk intervention workshops run for girls to support their emotional and psychological wellbeing. The acronym stands for grit, integrity, reality and learning. 

Some of the topics covered in the workshops will include: bullying and peer pressure, relationships, career pathways, drug and substance abuse, self and identity and budget management. 

The project was planned to run throughout January 2021, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to COVID restrictions. It has been rescheduled to run later in the year.

SAFE Programme

The SAFE Programme (Social, Attitude, Family and Environment Programme) focuses on helping to support families and the young person when the young person is struggling. 

In their mentoring sessions, the young people work with their mentor to: set personal goals and work towards them, work on building up the young person’s self esteem and increasing self confidence. We work on improving the young person’s attitude not only towards school but also to their family.

The project is due to be funded soon, and will hopefully start within the next year.

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