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An exciting time for YourStory!

Coming out of the pandemic has brought us brand new opportunities to ensure that our young people continue to get the help they need when they need it.

We are currently partnered with Impact on Urban Health charity to run an exciting new programme. We are offering one to one mentoring and support for young people in primary and secondary schools who have health conditions or have parents / significant family members living with health conditions. 

We are currently looking for schools to take part in this programme as well as our ongoing Walcot Programme, which helps young people to transition from primary to secondary school since the pandemic. 

VRU Digital Skills

In partnership with FindYourFeet

One of the two main projects we are currently working on is the VRU Digital Skills course we offer to young people alongside weekly 1:1 mentoring.

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Court Ordered Mentoring

Court Diversion / Teachable Moments

Our other main project currently running is our Court Ordered Mentoring program in which we work with young people who are going through the court system as well as intervening at an earlier stage to help young people who are at risk of offending and prevent this.

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Welcome to our new schools!

It has already been exciting working with you and your young people so far. We look forward to working together over Summer to plan fun activities!

This September, we will be partnering with and carrying out mentoring at new schools: St Andrews Church of England Primary School and St Gabriel’s Secondary School. 

We are looking forward to working with you – your young people seem to be enthusiastic and engaged!

Our Offices

Both of our offices were newly refurbished in March 2020, have a look at the videos and some pictures below to see what they look like now.

Office Spaces

We have two offices, both located in Lambeth, with our main office being situated at 125 Lambeth Walk. Our secondary office, which we share with BounceBack and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, is at 204 Kennington Lane and is where we host many of our talks, conferences, and some of the mentoring including the ‘Family Forum’ that we run on Thursdays each week.

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We still mentor over summer!

Just because schools close for the summer doesn’t mean that we do! Our mentors continue to work with their young people over the Summer breaks in order to ensure that they continue to work towards their set goals and get the most out of mentoring.

We will be supporting 30+ young people and 15 families over the coming summer break so that we maintain the progress and help with the transition from year-to-year as well as some of our young people who are going off to new schools.

activities for young people over the summer:

There are a variety of different free activities young people can do over the summer to keep busy! We’ve put together list of our favourite ideas for you to have a go at!

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