Our Objectives

The main objectives we aim to fulfil are to challenge, inspire and support the young people that we work with in all aspects of their life, including mental health as well as attainment in school. Our objectives are reflected in our goals, values, vision and mission.

Our Goals

Our goals are the driving force behind all our actions here at YourStory!

Goal 1

To challenge, inspire and support young people through being trustworthy, respectful and understanding.

Goal 3

To help young people to envision and control their future.

Goal 2

Help the young people to increase motivation towards education and employability.

goal 4

To increase young people's confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Our Values:

Our values govern the way we behave, interact with and treat the young people we work with!


We are honest, consistent and show an unwavering dedication to our moral and ethical values.


We are dedicated to providing encouragement and emotional help.


We are devoted to creating positive change for the individuals we support.


We are always there for individuals whenever needed. We understand crisis' can happen at any time.


We can be relied upon to have what is best for an individual at the heart of everything we do.


We love what we do, and believe in the good that it creates.


We are always friendly, welcoming and open minded with our young people.

Our Vision and Mission:

Our vision is how we hope the world can be for young people, and our mission is the tasks we need to do in order to help fulfil the vision!

our vision

A world where every young person has the direction, support and the knowhow to realise their ambitions.

They also have the support needed to recognise the qualities they possess and can enhance that will help them to achieve these.

our mission

Through listening, YourStory's expert mentors are able to understand an individual's ambitions, the support they need, and the challenges they face.

They are then able to match them with YourStory's network of businesses and organisations to help them to succeed.

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