Our Story

Learn about how far we have come from 2003.

YourStory Charity

Inspiring beginnings

Inspired by his own experiences, Adrian Jones founded YourStory in 2003, using mentoring through sport to tackle underachievement and anti-social behaviour. Starting with just one person working with four boys from one school in Brixton, YourStory now has a number of mentors and trainers working with young people across London and the South East. In 2019 we engaged over 800 young people, in 2020 we will be exploring further partnerships to mentor young people and support families.

Mentoring and learning

We challenge, inspire and support our young people through a unique combination of one-on-one mentoring and vocational and academic learning. Our core group of mentors is complemented by a flexible network of experts in different fields. Together they provide the practical tools and social skills our students need to get to the next level – simply staying at school to learn or moving on to apprenticeship or further education.

Tailored programmes

Success is different for everyone, so we work with each young person to develop a tailored learning programme to suit their abilities and aspirations. We work together with them and their families to plan, action and review their personal programmes and help them build a successful future.

Track record of success

We achieve results by showing our young people – not telling them – the choices they have: in how they engage, behave and learn. We listen to them to understand what’s holding them back. Then we work with them to set realistic goals to help them get where they want to be. We achieve improvements in behaviour, school attendance, life skills, academic achievement and employability.

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