Our Success Stories

Learn about how far we have come from 2003.

YourStory Charity

Steps to success

Success means something different for each of our young people. For some, it’s simply staying at school and changing their attitude, or gaining their family’s interest in their learning. For others, it is finding a new skill that could forge a career path, or the personal strength to see alternatives to re-offending. We help our young people build a real vision of a positive future, with practical steps to achievements along the way.

We engage, develop and progress our young people.

One young man was referred to us by the Youth Offending Team. He was involved with gang violence and theft. He had struggled with his behaviour and was often in trouble with the law. He lacked self-discipline and was drawn into problematic situations.

We assigned him a mentor who worked closely with him, encouraging him to challenge his own choices and identify the negative impact on his future. His decision-making and behaviour improved – and so did his relationship with his family and home environment. He took part in various vocational and sports programmes where he truly excelled. His dream was to work in the IT industry. After applying himself with dedication, he secured a place in college to do an IT Technician National Diploma.

We challenge, inspire and support our young people.

One of our young students was disruptive in school, she had behaviour issues with teachers and became angry very quickly. She missed a lot of school as a result.

We helped by educating her in a small class and assigned her a mentor to help focus her career direction. She had an interest in childcare which she explored with her mentor. Improvements in her literacy and interpersonal skills meant she was able to present herself confidently. After leaving YourStory, she took a work experience placement at a nursery where she could develop her skills and interest in working with young children.

We encourage them to plan, do, and review building a pathway to a successful future

One of our students had been expelled from school for assaulting a teacher. He had a low attention span and was very disruptive. He also had issues with crime and was on a tag order. We worked with him to address his anger problems and coached him to change his behaviour. The smaller class size helped him to focus more and the vocational and sports programmes provided a routine. He left with a Sports Leaders Award and a range of training credits – all important for his future career in sports and fitness.

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We focus on individuals, but our work branches out to their families and friends, schools and communities. In 2019 alone we have engaged with over 300 young people to help create change for them and the people they touch day-to-day. We give them the tools to try a different approach and the self-confidence to begin to change. In 2019 we are currently working on six different funded projects ranging from mentoring young offenders to delivering workshops on countering extremism in schools to working with disadvantaged families.