Meet the Team

Adrian Jones – Founder and Chief Executive

Adrian was coaching football for Fulham FC in a Primary school in Brixton when the school’s headteacher saw how he linked sport and practical advice, including home life situations, to help improve pupils’ achievements. As a result, Adrian was asked to mentor four pupils at risk of being excluded. Adrian founded YourStory in 2003 with the aim of letting individuals tell their hidden story, the one that may be holding them back in life. Using education, sport and other activities, YourStory helps young people develop the skills and self-belief to help them succeed at school, with their family and in the wider world of employment. Using his experience as a magistrate, police adviser on gun crime, community development adviser and professional football coach, Adrian is able to take a broad overview of his students’ needs and the driving forces for change – for them and their families.

Anne Whitaker – Finance and Development Manager

Anne is an accountant with 30 years experience with Ernst & Young, where she provided advice to global organisations in the financial services industry, was responsible for risk strategy and high-level partner assessment. Anne knows exactly what is available in business for young people and understands what employers are looking for. Her experience at senior level in the corporate and public sectors provides a bridge for our students into the world of work. With her practical approach to maths and accounting she engages students and builds their confidence. And her background as a mentor and counsellor in the work environment gives her the chance to show our students the range of possibilities for their futures.

Sheila Daley – Schools Liaison Officer

Sheila is a Sexual Health Adviser who specialises in working with young people through education outreach work. She brings a wide range of experience of managing a caseload of young clients, schools and youth service agencies, promoting sexual health drop-in services and other educational events and opportunities. Sheila works one-to-one with young people and devises individual sexual health education programmes based on her consultations.

Andy Sheen – Sports Consultant

Andy specialises in developing and delivering bespoke training workshops and programmes, project management, fundraising and sports event management. He also has connections with a variety of organisations within the sports and leisure industry, enabling him to point our students in the right direction, whether they are interested in sports for their own personal development or as a career.

Leon Marshall – Specialist Gym Instructor

Leon joined YourStory after working as a Health and Fitness Manager for the Elite Sports Programme run by the Academy of Sport at London South Bank University. He is a qualified tutor, assessor and internal verifier of Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) level 2 fitness courses. He has helped over 400 professional fitness trainers gain their fitness qualifications. Our students work with Leon on their own bespoke fitness training sessions, where they also benefit from his experience and knowledge of the fitness industry.

Nigel James – Cooking and Catering Instructor

Nigel became involved in cooking after completing an NVQ apprenticeship at the age of 16. He has since worked in catering companies, high-profile restaurants and individual projects – from film sets to sporting events such as the Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone. He brings his industry insight to his role with YourStory and shows students that cooking is just one specialist skill that can lead to many different opportunities.

Malika Booker – Creative Writer

Malika is a creative mentor. A published writer, poet, and playwright, she is also a sought-after teacher and education coordinator, running workshops in creative writing and story-making for organisations including Apples and Snakes, Spread The Word, The Arvon Foundation, National Theatre, Barbican Educational Department, Young Vic and City Lit. She also works with talented and gifted GCSE English students, and brings her vivacious and winning personality to YourStory to help inspire our students.

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