What’s the Big Q?

  • How do we keep engaged with the current issues?
  • How do we draw out the changing problems and choices facing young people today?

– by asking the right questions – the Big Questions!

Team building and topical issues

The Big Q is a fast-paced, interactive group programme for young people or adults. It uses thought-provoking exercises to address topical issues, such as knife crime, teenage pregnancy and drugs, work/life balance, money and stress. It can be used for team building in local authorities, schools, correctional institutions and also in a corporate setting.

You have a choice

The Big Q presents participants with real-life scenarios and they have to make quick, justifiable decisions. This cuts to the chase in sparking discussions about the consequences of actions, or the results of taking no action. It shows that the choices we make are OURS, and not down to OTHERS. For young participants, it reinforces the fact that they have the power to choose for themselves the kind of behaviour they display or the attitude they adopt.

The Big Q

  • Boosts team building
  • Encourages leadership and responsibility
  • Uses scenario planning techniques to develop participants’ thinking
  • Sessions cater for up to 150 participants
  • Staff development package available
  • Can be adapted and tailored to suit educational, team and workplace settings

Want a fun and thought-provoking team building programme? Find out more about how the Big Q can work for you by calling us on 020 7793 9797.