Programmes tailored to suit individuals

Our programmes include:

  • Mentoring – one-to-one support for each student
  • The Big Q choices programme – thinking through topical issues such as knife crime, teenage pregnancy and drugs; family pressure, peer pressure and alcohol; work/life balance, money and stress
  • Education – a broad and balanced curriculum of academic and vocational learning, including:
         – English, maths, ICT and citizenship
         – cooking, sport and healthy lifestyles
         – art, textiles and ethical fashion
         – yoga, media and carpentry
  • Study skills – how to engage fully with education and get back into learning
  • Attendance – tackling attendance at school, probation and at work
  • Sports Leadership Awards – developing leadership and employment skills through sport
  • ASDAN Awards – a portfolio-based personal development programme, including personal finance, sport and fitness, health, safety and community involvement
  • Employability – preparing young people for the workplace
  • The Hampton Project – linking with young people in years 10 and 11 who have committed offences or are at risk of falling into behaviour that will lead them into crime

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